´╗┐From September the 3rd to the 30th, 2021, the artistic installation "Oracle" was presented at the Chambers in Aubervilliers, France. The installation was commited by OPN TV for the Residency project and designed and produced by TurboDiesel as an echo of antiquity fired in direction of our digital world.
The dynamics of the flow of life and the pulsation of its rhythms in its perpetual quest for meaning, questions our relationship to time, to the mystic and the organic world.
These all can be read as so many sources of inspiration for this digital creation.
The Oracle thus challenges the viewer to delve into an immersive environment, to better transfigure themselves through an intensely poetic artistic experience.
Walls are transformed into a storm of particles which reflect on infinite mirrored surfaces. Fragments of light and grains of sound evolve, aggregate and re-organize as the visitor wanders. Drawing out the outlines of the landscapes of ancient Greece. Shapes emerge, their density, colours and intensity are defined by real-time meteorological data from the Greek city of Delphi, original birthplace of the Oracle.
A vase is at the heart of this installation. The whispers of the Oracle invites the visitor to approach it.
He will dive his hands into it to discover the next stage of this interactive experience: The PROPHECY ...



  • Agency : OPN TV
  • Place : Les Chambres
  • Box making : Illusion design
  • Experience creation and content : TURBODIESEL