For the launch of the new fragrance Infiniment Coty, from the group COTY we created a series of elegant capsule videos for the brand's Instagram.Each video captures the timeless beauty and allure of the fragrance. The perfume is presented in a variety of captivating scenes, each designed to highlight its sophisticated and premium essence.

Our goal was to reflect the luxury and elegance of Infiniment Coty, creating a visual narrative that invites viewers to immerse themselves in the world of high-end fragrance.

Through meticulous 3D motion and artful compositions, we brought the essence of Infiniment Coty to life.

Discover the magic and sophistication of Infiniment Coty through these captivating Instagram capsules, where every detail speaks to the luxurious and premium nature of the fragrance.


  • Client : Fifteen
  • Creative direction : Turbodiesel
  • 3D & Motion content : Turbodiesel